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Watermedia Art)

Gateless Gate

Chamber Music

Welcome to my site

About my Art

My inspiration comes from poetry, music and nature. They are all important sources of my imagination.
My favorite poet is Jalaluddin Rumi who was a mystic poet of the 13th century in Persia. I am also interested in the Zen way of viewing this world and art. My other interest is in music .
I think music is a direct expression of emotion and the spirit of human. Music resonates within us.
The theme of my paintings, which I am trying to depict, is human's inner reality. I try to express the essence of what I am inspired by.
I love the transparency, fluidity and brilliant color of watermedia, which lead me to experiment with different forms and colors.

E-mail / setsukoyoshida853@gmail.com

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Setsuko Yoshida ( Water Media Paintings)